My Security Pledge


From the Desk of Andrew Reese

In recognition of the important role each of us plays in securing cyberspace, I invite you to take the pledge to commit to safe cyber behavior.


I pledge to:


  1. Take personal responsibility for security and use good security practices.

  2. Pause and consider the risk before I connect to the Internet.

  3. Lock my computer whenever I leave my work area.

  4. Treat my mobile device like the powerful computer it is, and protect it -- both physically as well as by activating security features such as password and anti-lock, anti-virus software, and remote wipe.

  5. Use strong passwords, and create a separate one for each account.

  6. Never share my password with anyone.

  7. Follow my organization's policy and promptly report all security incidents or concerns to my organization's security office or contact.

  8. Safeguard sensitive data from any inappropriate disclosure.

  9. Not post personal, sensitive, or non-public information on social media.

  10. Not participate in any cyber bullying activities.

  11. Raise awareness of good security practices among my family, friends, colleagues, and community.


Please join with thousands of other individuals across the country who are asserting their commitment to online safety. By posting your own Cyber Security Pledge, you notify the world that you take security seriously and that you will seek to use safe computing practices both at home and at work. 

After posting your pledge, please encourage your friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors—everyone you can—to do the same!  If we each pledge to do our part to make our piece of cyber space just a little bit more secure, we can truly make a difference in helping protect our nation's cyber assets.

Andrew R. Reese

Mobile: (717) 395-3063

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